Cysylltwch â

Jo Fong:

Ymholiadau Cyffredinol:

Ymholiadau Gweithdy:

Danysgrifio at ‘r rhestr bostio ar gyfer hyd at y newyddion diweddaraf am ddosbarthiadau, gweithdai a sioeau 


Photo Credit: Filipe Alcada

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  1. Melissa Reply

    Please could you tell me if it may be possible for you to visit Dubai to give a series of workshops. I am teaching Ballroom and Latin to primary and secondary schools in Dubai. One of the schools are very passionate about contemporary dance and I would be keen to organise a two or three day series of workshops for them. If this is possible please could you inform me of your conditions and expected remuneration. I would be keen to do this as part of our summer school in July or August or some time between September and October next year.

    Kind Regards,


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