10 December


See the work.

Jo performs in Deborah Light’s HIDE
Bath ICIA - 19th Feb
Liverpool The Capstone Theatre - 24th Feb
Halifax Square Chapel - 26th Feb
Colchester – 4th March

An Invitation… returns to the stage as part of The Place Theatre‘s Forest Fringe Festival

Free event

6th and 7th March at 6.45pm and 8.15pm each day.

Wendy Houstoun’s Stupid Women

Lakeside, Nottingham – 13th March, 8pm

27 August

An Invitation… First two reviews

Edinburgh Festival 14

4**** from Donald Hutera THE LIST

Thea Hawlin wrote for Broadway Baby

“Jo Fong’s An Invitation is about as elusive and complex as a performance at the Fringe is likely to get. This surreal ‘alive and evolving’ production presents itself to us as a framing of life itself.”

An Invitation… is supported by Coreo Cymru, Arts Council Wales, Sherman Cymru, Chapter Arts Centre and Welsh Dance Strand

21 July

See the Trailer for An Invitation…

An Invitation…
By Jo Fong
Will begin at the Edinburgh Festival 14.
18-25th August. Daily 10.45am
Venue: ZOO Southside

An Invitation… (The Trailer)

23 June

Witness Review – The Observer

Witness was presented at The Place Theatre, London.
See our 4**** review by Luke Jennings

“Jo Fong is something of a legend on the UK contemporary dance scene. She’s worked with everyone, from Rosas to DV8 to Rambert, and has a reputation as a charismatic performer and a relentlessly inquiring choreographer.”

21 June


13th – 17th Oct

Professional Open Contemporary Classes Oct

The Place Theatre, London

6th October

Jo performs in HIDE by Deborah Light at Galeri Caernarfon

18th – 25th August

An Invitation… will be presented at Zoo Southside, Edinburgh. Daily at 10.45am

Click here to see the Trailer

14th June

Witness – to be presented at The Place London 8pm

13th June

Jo performs HIDE by Deborah Light at The Place London

8th May – 6th June

Dance Roads International Tour

Dialogue – A Double Act

8, 9, 10th May Montreal

14, 15, 16th May Bordeaux

30, 31st May Turin

5th, 6th June Arnhem

1st May

Jo’s new work Dialogue – A Double Act previews as part of a mixed bill of work with Heloise Godfrey-Talbot at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

18th and 19th March

Jo performs HIDE by Deborah Light at Clywd Theatre Cymru, Mold.

15th March

Jo performs in Stupid Women at Juncture Festival, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds – A homage to Nigel Charnock’s directed by Wendy Houstoun

13th March

Witness is presented at Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon

21st February

Witness is presented at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

6th and 7th February

Jo performs in HIDE by Deborah Light at Volcano, Swansea

1st Feburary

Witness is presented at British Dance Edition 2014.

Tramway 4, Glasgow

31st January

Jo performs in HIDE by Deborah Light at British Dance Edition 2014

27th January

WitnessGaleri Caernarfon

24th and 25th January

Jo performs in HIDE by Deborah Light at Chapter Arts Centre

6th December 2013

Jo collaborates with artists Steve Geliot and Tanya Raman. Jo will be performing Trajectory a combined arts performance takin [...]

28 May

Danceroads Review

Dialogue – A Double Act has been touring internationally with Danceroads with performances in Montreal, Bordeaux, Cardiff, Turin and Arnhem.

Check out the first review

11 April

Witness Touring 2014

Witness  – Portraits of Women Who Dance

Coming soon to

The Place Theatre – London 14th June 8pm



‘A beautiful piece of work, moving, inspiring and thought provoking – about dance, about women, about being in front of cameras…’

An invitation to witness three exceptional dancers as they collaborate in the making of their own choreographic portraits in this revealing documentary.

Three women talk candidly about their relationship with dance, performance and what it is to be watched.

The unique performances that result are both elaborate and supremely personal: as idiosyncratic as the women who dance them.

Excellence, intimacy and honesty in performance.

‘The audience witnessed a process of candid exposure that was as moving as it was aesthetically pleasing.’ CCQ Magazine

Choreography and Direction | Jo Fong

Filmmakers and Editing | Filipe Alcada and Dawn Collins


Ino Riga,  “Theatre is a rehearsed life, pre-planned, you know your role.”

Eeva-Maria Mutka,  “Is this dancing?”

Annabeth Berkeley,  “You can’t always say the truth, sometimes you have to pretend.”

“The films draw a fine line between what is real and what is performed and ask how is it to be watched or exhibited.” Jo Fong

See trailer – Witness

7 April

Witness Review – Sherman Theatre

CCQ magazine review by Emma Geliot
Click Here

“Fong’s thoughtful editing, always mindful of what she’s revealing about her subjects, is what makes this piece so compelling.”

“Over the course of just over an hour the audience witnessed a process of candid exposure that was as moving as it was aesthetically pleasing. And ‘witness’ really is the word here, for it implies more than passive engagement.” CCQ magazine. Review Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

20 March

New works – Cardiff

Dialogue – A Double Act

New works by Jo Fong and Heloise Godfrey–Talbot.

1st May, 8pm

Chapter Arts Centre
This mixed bill features performance, audio-visual work and the premier of Dialogue – A Double Act.

The collaboration is an evolving archive of work, a collecting machine, a gathering of material, instigations, ideas and dialogue. It is inspired by Amanda Baggs’ moving film entitled In My Language.

“I’m playing in uncertainty, miscommunication, communication, conversation, lost in translation, getting to know one another, the desire to be understood… the list goes on.” Jo Fong

The aim is to make something that is alive, spontaneous and honest. The drama is in what is happening right now.

Jo Fong is a director, choreographer and performer working in dance, film, theatre and the visual arts.
Heloise Godfrey-Talbot is an audio-visual artist who works with people and communities as her main medium. heloisegodfrey-talbot.com


17 February

The Audience – Workshop

The Audience – Workshop led by artist Jo Fong

When             1.30 – 4pm 21st February 2014.
Where            The Castle Theatre, Aberystwyth.
How much     £5 This event has been subsidised by Aberystwyth University and Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Workshop – I have been working on a way to perform The Audience. It is about connection, spontaneity, but also about uncertainty.

The workshop stages a process, the frame is there, we now need to fill it. The Audience appears as though it is being created right now. In places it is. What happens or doesn’t happen is influenced directly by the people in the room. We play the performer. We play the audience. We are the show. Is it now? The original research was strangely playful, alive, joyous and imaginative and therefore weirdly powerful and human. We opened the studio and discovered a profound way of meeting people.

For more information on The Audience click here http://www.jofong.com/portfolios/1049/

“Jo has a truly distinctive practice. It is deceptively simple, yet from simple parameters has managed to generate a potentially radical new interface between performers and audience, one based on empathy, similarity and the everyday rather than on “otherness”, competition or confrontation.” Richard Huw Morgan. Pitch, good cop bad cop.


I am a director, choreographer and performer working in dance, film, theatre and the visual arts.

As a performer, I have worked for over 20 years including performances with Rosas, DV8 Physical Theatre, Rambert Dance Company, Mark Bruce Company, Nigel Charnock, Igloo and Quarantine Theatre. Current performance projects include Stupid Women at Juncture Festival, Yorkshire Dance – A reworking of Nigel Charnock’s inspired Stupid Men and directed by Wendy Houstoun. I will also be working with Unfinished Business on a new work entitled Change My Mind.

I am Associate Artist with Coreo Cymru and my artistic work is supported by Arts Council Wales and Sherman Cymru. Witness – Portraits of Women Who Dance was presented at British Dance Edition 2014 and is currently touring the UK. Currently I am developing three new live works and an installation all of which are born out of a period of research entitled The Audience. The first; Dialogue – A Double Act will tour internationally with Dance Roads in May and June 2014.

As an independent artist I present work that is thought-provoking and centred around people, dancers or players who translate, reveal or perform. The work is grounded in the idea of honesty in performance and looks under the skin: the psychological drives, motivations or inherent characteristics of an individual or group, creating a shared and considered relationship with an audience. The body is my first language, though text and voice work are regularly a part of the whole. I combine physical technical knowledge, agility and experience with a raw, rebellious and curious spirit. I endeavor to understand further and explore the scope for movement to communicate and to cultivate work that is generous, engaging and embodies an alternative beauty.

Witness Tour 2014
1st February British Dance Edition 2014 Glasgow – Tramway
21st February Aberystwyth Arts Centre
13th March Theatr Brycheiniog (Brecon)
14th June The Place Theatre (London)
Dialogue – A Double Act is new work to be presented at Chapter Arts Centre (Cardiff) on 1st May 2014.

Photo credits John Collingswood and Heloise Godfrey

If you are interested in taking part please get in touch with Louise Ritchie lhr08@aber.ac.uk