November 16, 2022

London Workshop

Emerging artists This December Jo will be leading an evening workshop in London alongside artist Daniel York Loh.
The workshops are hosted by Kakilang Arts and will take place in partnership with Shoreditch Town Hall in their Ditch Space
06 December
Participatory Theatre & Creative Writing
6 – 8.30pm
May 16, 2022

Summerhall 2022

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May 16, 2022

Wales in Edinburgh 2022

Jo and George will be heading to Summerhall as part of Wales Arts International’s, Wales in Edinburgh Showcase. Jo Fong and George Orange, Dirty Protest and Commonwealth Will be presenting work and an extended cohort of artists will be supported by  WAI’s Seeding the Future funds. See the Summerhall Programme to begin planning your summer. Book Tickets to See Jo Fong And George Orange’s The Rest of Our Lives
May 12, 2022

Open Studio events, London

This June and July 2022, FREE open studio events will be led by artist Jo Fong at Siobhan Davies Studios. NEUROLIVE is delighted to announce Jo Fong as the commissioned artist for the project’s next performance at Siobhan Davies Studios in November 2022. Jo will be leading three open studio events in preparation for a new process and performance called How Shall We Begin Again? All are welcome. Jo will guide an afternoon of moving and together with NEUROLIVE directors Matthias and Guido they will share more about the project as a whole. Find out more HERE Photo Lucas Kao  
March 8, 2022

Mini Tour Cardiff, London, Machynlleth

Created and performed by Jo Fong and George Orange
Dance House Ty Dawns (National Dance Company Wales )
Cardiff Bay
8th April
The Place Theatre, London
23rd April 2022
30th April,
February 22, 2022

The Place Theatre

This April we’ll be back on the road... 23rd April 2022 7.30pm Tickets are on sale  #TheRestOfOurLives Created and Performed by Jo Fong and George Orange
February 4, 2022

Neurolive Salon #2

NEUROLIVE Salon 2 | with Jo Fong

Tuesday, 15 February '22   7pm – 8:30pm GMT
Siobhan Davies Studios, St. George's Road, London, SE1 6ER
This event is sold out, please join the waiting list to be informed when a place becomes available. In this NEUROLIVE Salon, artist Jo Fong shares current thoughts and questions about liveness in relation to Ways of Being Together — an ongoing series of workshops, conversations and performances centred around the idea of Belonging. Its most recent iteration is a shared two-week residency at Artsadmin’s Toynbee Studios, which will be in full swing at the time of this Salon. Jo, and artists participating in the residency, will be in conversation with Matthias Sperling (Artistic Director of NEUROLIVE) and Guido Orgs (Scientific Director of NEUROLIVE).
January 23, 2022


Annual fundraiser KindRedPacket 2022 have selected our Toynbee shared residency to support.   Ways of Being Together is an artist led community. Our 2022 artists: Jane Chan, Jasmine Chiu, Laura Lee Greenhalgh, Elina Akhmetova, Jay Yule, Loe D’Arcy, Dawn Collins, Iris Chan, Jia-Yu Corti, Kuan-Yu Chen, Linzy Na Nakorn, Hazel Lam, Sophie Nüzel and Jo Fong will be leading, facilitating and holding space for creative exploration. In February the fourteen artists and their guests will come together as part of a shared two-week residency at Toynbee Hall as part of Artsadmin Lab programme. It’s about space and time to reconnect, repair, replenish and explore performance making and co-creation. The annual convergence is layered centring learning, support, coming out, forming community and actioning change.  The first cohort of artists came together through a dance performance and creation process called Ways of Being Together. It was initiated by Jo Fong and created in collaboration with 48 people at Shoreditch Town Hall 2020. WoBT gave us the ethos, framework, joy, opportunity to be together - by listening, playing, supporting and being open. This year’s artists are self-selected bringing a wide range of interests through their artworks, everything from Power, presence, provocation, protest, grief, well-being, motherhood, masculinity, faith and grace. 7th - 18th February 2022   About the Residency About Ways of Being Together Thanks to our supporters Artsadmin at Toynbee Hall, KindredPacket, Neurolive, Dance Art Foundation, Wales Millennium Centre and Independent Dance. Donate to this and many important ESEA community Projects HERE  
January 4, 2022

Toynbee Takeover

7th - 18th February 2022   Ways of Being Together Shared Residency   Open Practice, Rehearsals, Studies, Experiments, Try Outs, Sharing, Conversation. Relaxation, Well-being, Solo Practice, Play, Improvise, Connect, Devise, Shut the door, lie down and listen to music! I have invited the London Ways of Being Together contributors to share this two-week residency. Its part of Artsadmin’s 6 month programme of residencies and when they first offered it, my first thought was to share it. It will be the 2nd anniversary of our performance that took place in February 2020. Fourteen artists will be leading sessions, some will be open to WoBT contributors and guests and some will be invited into private studio time. Its a chance to re-connect, repair, replenish and continue a conversation. The artists Jane Chan, Jasmine Chiu, Laura Lee Greenhalgh, Sumi Xiaoméi Cheng 澄晓楳, Elina Akhmetova, Jay Yule, Loe D’Arcy, Dawn Collins, Iris Chan, Jia-Yu Corti, Kuan-Yu Chen, Linzy Na Nakorn, Hazel Lam, Sophie Nuzel and myself, Jo Fong will be leading, facilitating and holding space for new investigation. People have delved and come forward with proposals that I feel reflect the time. Power, presence, provocations, protest, grief, motherhood, masculinity, menstruation, faith and grace. To the side is learning, exchange, coming out, co-creating, co-producing a shift in how things can come into being. There will be us, our guests and dancing.   See the full programme of events.     Supported by Artsadmin at Toynbee Hall, KindredPacket, Neurolive, Dance Art Foundation, Wales Millennium Centre and Independent Dance. Donate to the project HERE      
July 1, 2021

Come Rain or Shine

I did the first of a series of walks with people that will happen over the next two years yesterday. It was quite gorgeous, light and yet in depth. If you‘re interested in joining a walk, read on. 

Come Rain or Shine.
Putting time aside to connect 
A different kind of wealth

My name is Jo and I would like to invite you for a walk, a wander, a meander - a step in the direction of how does it go from here?

Where’s it start?
Underneath these words 
Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff Bay.

11am on Wednesday 30th March, 2022

How long will it be?
One hour

Who’s invited?
This walk invites anyone who is interested. 

Does it cost anything? 

Why do I walk?
I walk when I meet someone new
when I get stuck 
to clear my head and get real
to see nature
to get a sense of where I live
to get a feel for the big picture
to hear more and maybe learn a thing or two
to take the long route and hang out in the unsolved
to throw about a social issue
to take up space and imagine it all belongs to everyone.

to cultivate trust
for pleasure and ecstatic [well] - being
for exercise
to be with people  
to spark a new friendship
to turn over a confusing, frustrating, infuriating mess
to see if we can unblock something
to protest
to calm down  
to join stuff up 
to have an epiphany or three

Or simply, to put one foot in front of the other 

My name is Jo Fong. I am an artist and newly appointed Creative Associate at WMC.
I will be walking at 11am every last Wednesday of every month from June 2021. These walks have no expectations and there is no evaluation form at the end. I don’t mind if there are 2 people, 20 or 200, there is much to gain, yet with little effort.

Please do share. 
AND so you know, there is no need to book a place, just pop it in your diary and turn up. If you have particular access needs you’d like to be known please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Regarding COVID. We will be outdoors the whole time and we want everyone to feel comfortable and be safe. Please keep this in mind. 
Look after yourselves and the people around you.