January 24, 2015

Next Jo Fong classes and Workshops


20th Feb 10-11.30am

Followed by a workshop led by Deborah Light. 


Halifax Square Chapel

27th Feb 10-11.30am

Followed by a workshop led by Deborah Light.  


Yorkshire Dance, Leeds

31st Mar – 2nd April

9.15 – 10.45am


Tramway, Glasgow

2 – 6pm

Play – A Dance Theatre Workshop led by Jo Fong

20 places are availableSuitable for students and professionals from dance or theatre backgrounds.


Jo’s working practice is an evolving, interactive and a playful approach.Play has become the very nature of how Jo approaches her body, her voice, her performance roles and her making processes. In this studio-based workshop, Jo shares the instigations and the receptive and active performance techniques that went on to become her dance theatre production, An Invitation…

The workshop takes the form of guided improvisations. Initially the warm up is about relationships with our own bodies and voices following individual and inherent desires. The process incorporates a sense of play, listening, responding and investigation that aim to develop an efficient, imaginative and dynamic approach.

Jo’s practice is influenced by her eclectic experiences in many dance and theatre performance styles. Working from the inside of the body to the outside she incorporates aspects of release, yoga, manipulation, contact and voice techniques.Jo’s new work is entitled An Invitation… the underlying motivations consider honesty in performance, the present moment and the act of creating this together. 

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