March 3, 2018

NTW Qtine and WMC

National Theatre Wales & Quarantine with Wales Millennium Centre for Festival of Voice.

Jo will be joining the team for a new production entitled English. Performed by Jonny Cotsen, the work is inspired by the theatricality of language lessons, and from conversations with migrants in Wales and across the UK who learn English for all kinds of reasons – for business, for pleasure, for survival, to take part, to pass the test…

English asks what happens when we move to another country and don’t really know how to say who we are, how to disagree, how to be in love, how to be funny – how to say what life is really about.

Made in Wales but with a global perspective, this performance pulls pop songs apart, tears grammar to pieces and constructs a contemporary Babel that invites all the languages in the room to be heard.

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