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Witness – Portraits of Women Who Dance

Available for UK and International touring

Selected for British Dance Edition 2014

Witness is a large scale three screen cinematic dance event. Its panoramic view allows both the ordinary and extraordinary to become iconic; the performers saturate the space with their presence and voices, whilst an intimacy remains.

Witness’ driving force is movement, as we follow the three dancers in the making of their choreographic portraits.

The nature of the work crosses art forms and employs film, theatre, dance and the visual arts.

At the heart of the work are the personal portraits and views from the dancers about themselves and how it is to be seen or judged creating an intimate setting and a personal connection with the audience.

“Portraiture was a useful tool to access the themes I was interested in: the representation of women in art and in particular dance and the line between performance and non-performance grounded by honesty in performance. Other themes nurtured in the process were: the beauty of trying, preparing and the psychological journey of each dancer. The films draw a fine line between what is real or what is performed and asks how is it to be watched or exhibited.”  Jo Fong

The ticketed event is 60 minutes long. Exhibition spaces are adapted to cross the boundaries between a theatre and a gallery experience and bespoke arrangements can be made to suit most spaces and configurations. In addition, a variety of tailored audience development and outreach packages are available in conjunction with the presentation of ‘Witness’.

Witness is also available in a walk through durational setting within gallery and theatre venues.

‘A beautiful piece of work, moving, inspiring and thought provoking on many levels – about dance, about women, about being in front of cameras… I would like to take time to give a reflection of the depth of this! Thank you.’ Alison Richardson, Audience member

Witness is supported by Arts Council Wales, Rubicon Dance, The Dance House (Cardiff), Chapter Arts Centre, In a Supporting Role and Coreo Cymru.


Witness is accessible to diverse audiences.

The work appeals to those with an interest in the visual arts, dance, women, performance, creativity, theatre and film.

Witness is appropriate for ages 12+ though parents may wish to use their own discretion. (For further information contact

The show contains minimal moderate language.

Outreach packages and audience development

We are committed to connecting with audiences and cultivating experiences to share the work. Jo Fong brings personal contact time through a number of bespoke outreach events that are available to the public.

  • Pre or post performance talks or discussions
  • Discussions with specific groups
  • Dance and theatre classes and workshops – Creative workshops based on the making of Witness
  • Investigations into improvisation scores
  • Professional development residencies
  • Choreographic residencies
  • Intensive community performance projects
  • The Audience – Open Process
    (A one or two week interactive experimental workshop for professionals and students of theatre and dance, culminating in a public performance)

Residencies may involve any of the above events and take place at the venue or associated community venues. Packages may include working with the following types of groups:
  • Existing dance and theatre groups attached to the venue or local agencies
  • Specialist groups eg. over 55’s, young people, disability, dance, theatre, women’s and special needs groups
  • Visual artists, film practitioners and photographers
  • College and university students
  • Peer artists

For further information on The Audience or other participatory events contact


We are able to support your organisation in the marketing of the presentations.

We provide a detailed pack for in-house marketing of the work that gives information about:

  • The organisation
  • Jo Fong
  • Witness – Portraits of Women Who Dance
  • Biographies of collaborators
  • Further promotional tools:
  • Press release example
  • High quality images
  • Promotional videos
  • Sales copy examples
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Details for online company marketing
  • Social networks
  • E-Flyer
  • Printed flyers
  • Programmes

Together with any suitable outreach packages our aim is to introduce audiences to a wide yet cohesive range of art forms. For the marketing pack contact

On the Road 

Please note that technical requirements may differ depending on the type of presentation space.

Minimum width for presentation space is 10 metres. For smaller stages, house seating is removed to create width and gallery style benches can be provided.

The show tours one technician and the director. The technician sets up the space, runs the show and the get-out. The director is available to oversee installation and to deliver previously requested outreach work.

We tour:

  • Three 3.5m wide screens which are assembled at the venue.
  • The show is run off a computer through a triple head to go and we supply VGA cables.
  • 3 High quality projectors
  • Technical requirements for Theatres and Gallery spaces (Full three canvas-screen event version)
  • Full black-out required
  • The facility to hang 3 projectors.
  • High quality sound system.
  • Simple lighting for the seating area.
  • Hanging facility for three 3.5m wide screens that we provide and build on site.
  • A technical assistant for the get-in and get-out. An in house technician can run the show for longer runs, for one to two performances we will provide our own technician.
  • Get-in: 5/6 hours Get-out: 1 hour 30 mins.
  • For further information and tech rider contact


For each installation of Witness we will create a detailed package including the number of screenings, residency opportunities and an engagement programme.

Each package will be tailored to the the venue and fees are by negotiation.

We are open to discussion on how this work can fit into your programme. Please contact Jo Fong’s Producer Emma Evans for a specific quotation on the work.

Booking contact 

Producer Emma Evans

Email Emma Evans | Tel  +44 (0)7734538604

Choreographer and Director: Jo Fong
Dancers: Ino Riga, Eeva-Maria Mutka
& Annabeth Berkeley
Filmmakers & Editing: Filipe Alcada & Dawn Collins
Music Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Photo Credit: Filipe Alcada

Video: full length available on request