January 5, 2024



Happy New Year!

DAR and Jo begin 2024 in the studio on a new work called A Brief History of Difference.

They will be hosting an Open Studio on the 11th January, 3-5pm in the Basement at Newport’s Riverfront Theatre

Feeling different and being seen as different is complicated business. It can be exciting, distressing, temporary, permanent, liberating, advantageous, dangerous and a cause for celebration. A Brief History of Difference is an interactive theatre/performance piece rooted in conversation, knowledge sharing, questioning and personal narrative that seeks to open up new ways of thinking about and experiencing what it means to be different and to find a sense of belonging as a person of difference.

Part creative workshop, part conversation, the session will use physical and discursive tasks drawn from the creative process. Jo and Dee invite you to join them in considering some tricky questions around the subjects of difference, identity, positioning and belonging. In this workshop we will move, share, listen, play, be curious and keep in mind that our key questions will, most likely, remain unsolved and that that’s ok!

“The emerging artistic practice is an evolving, collaborative approach which puts ideas around belonging or forming community in the forefront. Each time we share this with people the learning around this project moves forward and begins to form.” Jo and DAR

Who is the session suitable for?

This workshop is for anyone interested in different perspectives. Everyone aged 16+ is welcome and especially people who diverge from the norm in any way and their friends and allies!

Find out more and how to book LINK