March 30, 2021

What will people need?

Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and Here and Now Jo has been collaborating with four local conversationalists.

So far, we have come into conversation with a celebrant, counsellor, charity worker, gardener, protestor, mother, clown, a duty manager and many more

All care takers in their own way.

There will be a planting day at BAC on the morning of the 1st May 2021 to remember the people we have lost.

To find out more and contribute your voice to this archive of voices for this time click HERE

We’re definitely not through this and there is no doubt that there are more difficult times to come.

Though we live in and out of hope, the seasons keep coming, the small things keep us going and then there are other moments where we need to stand our ground or travel against the flow of powerful voices and decisions.
What is success? Getting to 2022 with grace perhaps? Or can we do this together? Or are there things we will need to start again and do it differently?


What will people need? is a project that invites us to join the conversation, look gently to the future and acknowledge what and who we need to remember.