April 11, 2014

Witness Touring 2014

Witness  – Portraits of Women Who Dance

Coming soon to

The Place Theatre – London 14th June 8pm



‘A beautiful piece of work, moving, inspiring and thought provoking – about dance, about women, about being in front of cameras…’

An invitation to witness three exceptional dancers as they collaborate in the making of their own choreographic portraits in this revealing documentary.

Three women talk candidly about their relationship with dance, performance and what it is to be watched.

The unique performances that result are both elaborate and supremely personal: as idiosyncratic as the women who dance them.

Excellence, intimacy and honesty in performance.

‘The audience witnessed a process of candid exposure that was as moving as it was aesthetically pleasing.’ CCQ Magazine

Choreography and Direction | Jo Fong

Filmmakers and Editing | Filipe Alcada and Dawn Collins


Ino Riga,  “Theatre is a rehearsed life, pre-planned, you know your role.”

Eeva-Maria Mutka,  “Is this dancing?”

Annabeth Berkeley,  “You can’t always say the truth, sometimes you have to pretend.”

“The films draw a fine line between what is real and what is performed and ask how is it to be watched or exhibited.” Jo Fong

See trailer – Witness

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