The Rest of Our Lives

Jo Fong and George Orange

The Rest of Our Lives is an eclectic, spontaneous, predictable and random middle-aged decline. George and Jo have been pondering upon how it’s all going to go from here. 

Hopefully hopeful The Rest of Our Lives will probably be too long or it might be a bit sudden and far too short and the last bit is likely to be a bit crap.

Time is on our side, but life is passing us by.

We’re only at the beginning of the end. 

Created and performed by Jo Fong and George Orange 

Thanks to Joe Wild, Marega Palser, Alisa Piebalga and Ed Collier for helping us in studio.

Supported by the Rural Touring Dance Initiative, Fieldwork, The Place Theatre, China Plate, Chapter and Arts Council of Wales.



Photo: George Orange

2020 Dates

The Place Theatre
14th April,7.30pm

Machynlleth Comedy Festival
2nd May

2019 Dates

11th and 12th October

Yorkshire Dance
Ageless Festival
26th October

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