March 14, 2018

A Spring Move

Come and move together. It’s Spring time!

A gathering for those who love to move.

The class is influence by multiple techniques including contact, yoga and the work embraces a sense of play. Jo will lead exercises in pairs and group work. “I’m interested in meeting people, encouraging awareness, listening and noticing.” These workshops are part of a larger conversation about inclusivity and participation… thinking about what it is to thrive both individually and as a community.

For more information on Jo’s studio practice see Workshops
Monday 2nd April (Easter Monday)
Peilot Studio, Chapter
Do wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle and a blanket or a yoga mat.
There are limited places so please get in touch to book a place at
The class is free
If you wish to make a donation Jo would like to hand funds onto Huggard Shelter.
A Cardiff-based charity tackling homelessness and seeking to overcome the problems and barriers that force individuals to sleep rough on our streets.

Photo Heloise Godfrey-Talbot

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