(English) Dialogue – A Double Act

Choreographer and Direction: Jo Fong
Performers: Beth Powlesland & Laura Lee Greenhalgh
Music : Alt-J
Collaborator and Documentation: Heloise Godfrey-Talbot
Mentor: Emmanuel Grivet
Lighting Design: John Collingswood
Photo Credit: Jamie Morgans

Video: full length available on request

Contributors and Collaborators Many performers, artists and invited audiences have contributed to this work through a research period entitled The Audience. As the piece evolves the list of people keeps growing. There are too many to mention though I would like to thank them all for their contribution. Special thanks to Matt and Jani, Jamie Morgans, Matt Mulligan, Nick Minns, Morgan Thomas, Sally Varrall, Colin Ricketts, Aleksandra Jones, Cet Haf and members of Nurture at Rubicon Dance