March 20, 2014

New works – Cardiff

Dialogue – A Double Act

New works by Jo Fong and Heloise Godfrey–Talbot.

1st May, 8pm

Chapter Arts Centre
This mixed bill features performance, audio-visual work and the premier of Dialogue – A Double Act.

The collaboration is an evolving archive of work, a collecting machine, a gathering of material, instigations, ideas and dialogue. It is inspired by Amanda Baggs’ moving film entitled In My Language.

“I’m playing in uncertainty, miscommunication, communication, conversation, lost in translation, getting to know one another, the desire to be understood… the list goes on.” Jo Fong

The aim is to make something that is alive, spontaneous and honest. The drama is in what is happening right now.

Jo Fong is a director, choreographer and performer working in dance, film, theatre and the visual arts.
Heloise Godfrey-Talbot is an audio-visual artist who works with people and communities as her main medium.


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