July 3, 2017

Open studio workshop

Ways of being Together is a series of workshops, discussions and performances centred around the idea of Belonging – A Sense of Belonging

Open Studio Workshop – A physical workshop led by independent artist Jo Fong, suitable for People Who Like To Move.
Dancers, actors, clowns, circus folk, pilates teachers, social workers, their sons… This is an opportunity for “dancers” and “non-dancers” alike to move together.

Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff

22nd July


Jo will lead a warm-up/class followed by pair work, group work and games that she has been developing as part of the creative process for her new work for Cardiff Dance Festival, Nov 2017. Jo’s working practice is an evolving, interactive and playful approach, incorporating aspects of release, yoga, manipulation, contact and voice techniques.

The studio time has been part of a larger conversation about community, participation, inclusivity and rather than sustaining something, a body, a practice, a career… thinking about what it is to thrive both individually and as a community. Embedded in the all the gatherings have been the notion of Belonging. A sense of belonging is intimate and powerful, connected, optimitstic, unknown and curious making.

To take part contact Jo Fong on Facebook or via email jo@jofong.com

A great deal of the project is about meeting people well. As a language I have been working on a self generating score, simple instructions / games that play out, encouraging awareness, listening, range, presence and also simple acts like noticing.

The performance and research projects that are in development are focused on creating experiences for both participant and audience member. The project acts as a pathway to celebrate a resilient arts community that potentially inspires and takes action.

At this time it seems essential to work on our Ways of Being Together.

Jo is interested in spontaneity, arriving with ourselves and authentic encounters. The interaction is live and people adapt, make room, save, lead, follow, get out of the way, care, grow an energy, grow an awareness, whether that be spacial, a shared joke or about the knowledge of what each human carries with them.
The series of works explores ideas around making a real human connection its about an appreciation of the people around us.

“At the heart of the work are the people – their skills, instincts, their aptitude for excellence, collaboration, sharing and together creating a dialogue that embraces creativity, integrity and learning.” Jo Fong

Jo would like to thank everyone who has been involved and alongside this project. This free event has become possible through support from Arts Council Wales, Coreo Cymru, Chapter Arts Centre, Fieldwork, Xintiandi Arts Festival and Hull Dance.

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