Available for UK and International touring from January 2015

Watching shows us the space between performer and audience member.

Watching is an audio-visual work conceived and developed by Jo Fong and visual artist Heloise Godfrey-Talbot. Heloise inhabited the role of documenter, collector and observer during The Audience – Research Summer/Autumn 2013.

The installation is about the choreography of expression and audience engagement it’s also about body language and reading faces.

Watching is a growing archive of work and is presented as a stand alone film or in theatre foyers alongside performances of The Audience – Open ProcessDialogue – A Double Act and An Invitation…

Watching has been presented at Glob Theatre (Bordeaux), Chapter Arts Centre and Sherman Theatre (Cardiff).

Supported by Arts Council Wales, Chapter Arts Centre, Sherman Cymru, EU Culture, Rubicon Dance and Coreo Cymru.

A collaboration between Jo Fong and Heloise Godfrey-Talbot

Video Stills: Heloise Godfrey-Talbot
Video: full length available on request

Contributors and Collaborators
Many performers, artists and invited audiences have contributed to this work through a research period entitled The Audience. As the pieces evolve the list of people keeps growing. There are too many to mention though we would like to thank them all for their contribution.

Special thanks to: Jamie Morgans, Matt Mulligan, Nick Minns, Deborah Light, Caroline Sabin, Laura Greenhalgh, Beth Powlesland, Morgan Thomas, Sally Varrall, Richard Huw Morgan, Colin Ricketts, Shaz Woods, Aleksandra Jones, Cet Haf and members of Nurture at Rubicon Dance