Lonely Hearts / Suspicious Minds

“Well, very well woman frankly not seeking someone, decidedly not a needy lady. Not into cheap chat quick fix cuppa soup sex. Fulfilled in all dimensions of her life.

Have been accused of dubious dabblement in bitchcraft but deny it bitterly. Listen not to the wild words of the witchy women. I am not the woman who needs help.”

“Devon sent soft juicy peach ripe for the picking. Pick me tonight and always. A banquet for the senses. Satiate yourself. Gorge on my gorgeousness…”

“I’m fine, no i’m fine, really, absolutely fine…”

Lonely Hearts/Suspicious Minds was created For Snag project following a collaboration with Rachael Fong at Dartington College of Arts. A short piece entitled The Woman Who…

Choreographer and Direction: Jo Fong
Performers: Pari Naderi, Tammy Arjona
Sarah Warsop, Cath James
Diana Loosmore, Darren Ellis, Jo Fong
& Nick Haines
Music Elvis Presley & Luke Anthony
Pianist: Pete Hoyes
Lighting design: Guy Hoare
Words: Paul Lake
Writer, Assistant and Collaborator: Rachael Fong
Photo Credit: Nick White

Lonely Hearts/Suspicious Minds was presented at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, The Clore Theatre (Royal Opera House), 2003 and 2004.

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