How to Use Curiosity in Ordinary Life

A collaboration of rhythm and physical drive. An organic movement language by which energy creates energy.

Momentum. noun (pl. momenta)
1. The driving force gained by a moving object.
2. The driving force caused by the development of something: the investigation gathered momentum
3. Physics The quantity of motion of a moving body, equal to the product of its mass and velocity

Latin, movimentum from  movere  ‘to move’

This work was created by processes of repetition, accumulation, pendulums, gravity, rhythm, pattern, motivation, choice, desire and the idea of creating this together now.

Intricate patterns and interactions, create dynamic floor patterns, a flow within an open space illuminated by Luned Emyr’s projected moving environments and Leighton Thomas-Burnetts light design.

Dancers work as a team supporting and signalling to each other in a shared rhythmic game.

Audiences view on three boundaries, the sidelines.

Created for National Dance Company Wales’ Alternative Routes season, The Dance House, Cardiff, 2009

Choreography & Direction: Jo Fong
Dancers: Annabeth Berkeley, Dane Hurst,
Stephanos Bizas, Maria Hayday & Davin King
Live Music: Christiana Mavron, Katy Rowe, Matthew Everett and William Hillman
Moving Environments & Costume design:
Luned Emyr
Music: Steve Reich, Godspeed you! Black Emperor & Rhian Eleri Williams
Leighton Thomas-Burnett
Photo Credit:
Roy Cambell-Moore & National Dance Company Wales

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