The Rest of Our Lives


Created and performed by Jo Fong and George Orange

“One of the most joyful, celebratory and hilarious experiences of my life”
Hannah Robertshaw

Hopefully hopeful, The Rest of Our Lives is a cabaret of life and near death. Join Jo and George for a night of dance, circus and games.
The struggle is real.

Jo is an old dancer, George an old clown. They are international artists with 100 years of life experience between them. They’ve reached the mid-way point, and now they’re looking at the rest of their lives and wondering, what next? Armed with a soundtrack of floor-fillers, a book of raffle tickets and a sprinkling of eco-friendly glitter. Join them as they negotiate middle-life together with humour, tenderness and outlandish optimism.

“I haven’t had that much fun at a show in a long time”
Audience member

We’re only at the beginning of the end. But we’re still here. What’s the plan?

Commissioned and supported by the Rural Touring Dance Initiative.

We’ve moved all our touring plans to begin in Autumn 2021.

Life is on hold, keep going everyone.

All being well, we’ll be at The Place Theatre, London, The Dance House, Cardiff and village halls across the country. If you are interested in booking this show there are more details on this LINK

Thanks to Joe Wild, Marega Palser, Alisa Piebalga and Ed Collier for helping us in studio.

Supported by the Rural Touring Dance Initiative, Fieldwork, The Place Theatre, China Plate, Chapter and Arts Council of Wales.




Photo: George Orange

Autumn Touring Begins October 2021

11th and 12th October

Yorkshire Dance
Ageless Festival
26th October