An Invitation…

An Invitation… began at Zoo Southside, Edinburgh Festival 2014

Presented at British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2015 and British Dance Edition 2016

Available for UK and International Touring

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An Invitation… needs an audience

An Invitation… takes playfulness very seriously.

We are creating this in this moment.

What happens or doesn’t happen is influenced directly by us.

We play the performer, we play the audience.

We are the show. Is it now?

An Invitation… is about connection, spontaneity, but also about uncertainty.

 An Invitation… is a work born out of The Audience – Research

The research was curiously playful, alive, joyous, imaginative and therefore powerful and human. We discovered a profound way of meeting people.

 “Jo has is a truly distinctive practice. It is deceptively simple, yet from simple parameters she has managed to generate a potentially radical new interface between performers and audience, one based on empathy, similarity and the everyday rather than on “otherness”, competition or confrontation.” Richard Huw Morgan

See Reviews by Donald Hutera and Thea Hawlin

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An Invitation is supported by Arts Council Wales, EU Culture, Sherman Cymru, Chapter Arts Centre, Rubicon Dance and Coreo Cymru.

Photo Credit : Heloise Godfrey

Contributors and Collaborators: The Audience – Research has been developed with contributions from professional artists, teachers, members of Rubicon’s Nurture performance group and Cardiff audiences. As the work evolves the list of people keeps growing. There are too many to mention though we would like to thank them all for their contribution. Special thanks to: Jamie Morgans, Matt Mulligan, Nick Minns, Laura Lee Greenhalgh, Beth Powlesland, Morgan Thomas, Sally Varrall, Richard Huw Morgan, Colin Ricketts, Aleksandra Jones, Cet Haf and members of Nurture at Rubicon Dance.