The Audience

The Audience is an experimental work that involves the public as collaborators in it’s creation.

The inspiration for the piece is taken from Jo’s experiences of showing work in progress and how these events reveal the work in it’s most live state, communicating with audiences in it’s heightened and fragile form.

Audience members become part of the creative process by providing feedback, suggestions and comments regularly throughout rehearsals and genuine translation or direction is adapted into the piece.

This project ventures in a self – organising approach. It’s is an ever evolving work where the drama is in what is happening right now.

The presentation questions what we see? How we see differently? What we would like to see? How do we communicate? Agency? What is lost or found in translation?

The Audience event takes place as part of venue residencies
Collaborators: Jo Fong (host), Heloise Godfrey (Visual artist), The Audience (Directors)
Photo Credit: Filipe Alcada

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