Show takes place in a box.

“Joanne Fong’s Show allows us a marginalised view of an intimate duet between performers Darren Ellis and Pari Naderi. The literal framing of the piece by a wooden box lends a dance-on-film kind of feel, only more intimate as we are free to walk around the space, to see different / create our own angles, views and stories. We have only a body-wide slither of a view into their contained world. Our view is constantly changing as we can see only fragments of movement phrasing – a wave of an arm, a flash of a leg, a jut of a head. It is a conceptual idea although we see some fleeting tenderness, or passionate moments between the two dancers, the sense of constraint and the many metaphors of being ‘boxed in’ are really the main focus of the piece.”
Review by Katie Phillips

Performed at The Clore Theatre, Royal Opera House, 2004 and 2005. Film version presented at Chapter Arts Centre, 2011

Full length video available on request

Photo credit: Nick White
Choreography & direction: Jo Fong
Dancers: Pari Naderi & Darren Ellis
Music: J D Caillouet
Lighting: Guy Hoare
Filmed by: Sarah Warsop
Edited by: J D Caillouet

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