Dignity, endurance and how much you will invest to win.

Influenced by ‘They shoot horses don’t they’, Sydney Pollack’s film of the novel by Horace McCoy.

Talent has a competitive edge, a play on judgement and judge’s verdicts, TV talent shows and the rivalry of contestants who desperately need to win whilst battling to retain their composure and a dash of glamour.

A dynamic and colourful range of ballroom styles take the floor.

The dancers invested a huge amount of energy and commitment to the piece and all made it to the end. Though it’s hard to say who won.

Created for the Blysh Festival at Wales Millennium Centre, 2009. Commissioned by Welsh Independent Dance

Choreography & Direction Jo Fong
Dancers: Sophie Edwards, Rosalind Brooks, Sebastian Langueneur, Laura Moy, Kim Noble, Jessica Williams, Rhiannon Morgan, Iain Payne, Daniel Hay-Gordon, Adam Murphy, Owen Ridley De-Monick, Michael Barnes
Music: Dave Brubeck & Franz Schubert:Piano Trio No 2 in E flat, Op. 100, D. 929, 2: Andante con moto
Photo Credit: Simon Clode

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